Rabu, 08 Juli 2009

little destroyer

hi hi ... she's name Jessica .. she's 20th month old.. hehehe ... she's soo cutee .. looking likes a doll ..

why i call her like little destroyer ? because everyday she comes to my house, she play around with my rabbit , and i think .. she wanna be a model .. because when i put my laptop or my phone, she always say " potoo.. ka potoo ka.. " and ..
you can see like this .. >>
"hi hi... my name jessi ... i'm so cute rigth ??"

"do you think our lips looking so sexy than angie jollie ? heumm.. i think soo..."

"let's go home little destroyer .. !! i see i see .. that you looking so sleppy .. "

sometimes she makes me angry, but i miss you soo jessi .. ^ ^,b

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