Rabu, 15 Juli 2009


hi hi .. i feel so HIPPY HAPPY today ..
*although last nite i didn' have big smile, and my face was looked like a monster .. !!
so stuck , confused , bored , lazy , not have other words to create my felt last nite ..

but thank's for piti *my 'crazy' friend, that she was made me have a little smile before i go to bed .. hehehe ^ ^,b

and today i try to search tutorial how to make a famflet, because i have a little job to make it .. *ting ting ..
than when i'm open the link side by side......klik <>

woohooo... they have some variant for brush and you can to download the brushes FREE .. !!
ahaaaa ... it's time download .. !! and try one by one on my paper ..

tarrrraaaaa ...

nice nice nice .. for first time to try .. ^ ^,v

* dan satu hal yg gw pikirin skrg adalahh gw yg jadul br nemu link ini atau gw yg ga kreatif googling .. heummm stupid mistake .. it's okeiyy ...

" S L A M A T M E N C O B A "


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