Rabu, 15 Juli 2009


hi hi .. i feel so HIPPY HAPPY today ..
*although last nite i didn' have big smile, and my face was looked like a monster .. !!
so stuck , confused , bored , lazy , not have other words to create my felt last nite ..

but thank's for piti *my 'crazy' friend, that she was made me have a little smile before i go to bed .. hehehe ^ ^,b

and today i try to search tutorial how to make a famflet, because i have a little job to make it .. *ting ting ..
than when i'm open the link side by side......klik <>

woohooo... they have some variant for brush and you can to download the brushes FREE .. !!
ahaaaa ... it's time download .. !! and try one by one on my paper ..

tarrrraaaaa ...

nice nice nice .. for first time to try .. ^ ^,v

* dan satu hal yg gw pikirin skrg adalahh gw yg jadul br nemu link ini atau gw yg ga kreatif googling .. heummm stupid mistake .. it's okeiyy ...

" S L A M A T M E N C O B A "


Senin, 13 Juli 2009


gonna love your way with a simple outfit

if you want to have some of items, you can visit

Rabu, 08 Juli 2009

little destroyer

hi hi ... she's name Jessica .. she's 20th month old.. hehehe ... she's soo cutee .. looking likes a doll ..

why i call her like little destroyer ? because everyday she comes to my house, she play around with my rabbit , and i think .. she wanna be a model .. because when i put my laptop or my phone, she always say " potoo.. ka potoo ka.. " and ..
you can see like this .. >>
"hi hi... my name jessi ... i'm so cute rigth ??"

"do you think our lips looking so sexy than angie jollie ? heumm.. i think soo..."

"let's go home little destroyer .. !! i see i see .. that you looking so sleppy .. "

sometimes she makes me angry, but i miss you soo jessi .. ^ ^,b

Selasa, 07 Juli 2009

contreng jidatnyaa...

hahaha... finally today is the 3th time.. i follow PEMILU ... and now vote for Indonesia President !! hehehe... (excited face... !! )

"satu suara sangat menentukan"
monik was follwed_ ^ ^,b

Minggu, 05 Juli 2009

recycle your money.. like us..

1 july - 4 july ..

i spended my week with my 'crazy' friend.. dimulai dari tanggal :
1 July >>
kita dateng ke Soft Opening Saung Kummara, lokasiny di jl.Ciumbeuluit depan UNPAR.. tempatny cozzy bgt, menu2 yg ditawarin menarik hargany pun pass banget buat kantong anak kulyahan..ada wifi pulaa.. dan satu menu yg paling menarik menurut gw yaitu menu boardgame .. Jarang banget cafe yg nyuguhin makanan,minuman, wifi plus boardgame pulaaa... heumm .. AWESOME right !! saran gw satuu >> u must to try it !

* FYI >> this is my design.. hhehehehe

2 July >>
makan malem di tempat semacam foodcourt di jalan sulanjana.. gw makan tutug oncom, salah satu makanan khas jawa barat yang low kolesterol ..

but i felt,, made from my aunty more better than it ..

3 July >>
played boardgame at SAUNG KUMMARA.. and not only play, but i follow boardgame competition.. hwhwhwhw.... UBONGO competition .. like tetris on board.. and finally i lost and looking so stupid a lot .. uhh

4 july >>
HIPPY HIPPY .. i met weekend... i spent my day with piti.. hahaha...
going to CIWALK .. than lunch without appetizer ... @ Raa Caa or Raa Cha or Rha Cha.. (i don't know,what's true..hehe) it so AWESOME lunch... ^ ^,b

haha... masak masakan... bakar bakaran... rebus rebusan..


than.. after lunch, we continue to enjoy with a dessert.. slllrrrppp... FROZEN YOGHURT @ JCO

nice nice nice...

yehhaaa.... NICE WEEK.. !! a lot activites, happy ever, and trash much money.. hwhwhw

thank's a lot everybody .. u was made my day so colorfull..


Rabu, 01 Juli 2009