Sabtu, 18 April 2009

I WANT IT NOW...because it can make me HAPPY !!

Holga Starter Kit - Multi-Color, USD$ 78.63

Chromiacs Edition - Diana F+ with Flash Package, USD$ 109.94

Colorsplash Camera, USD$ 78.63

choose one mon !! and let's get to tell with papi jasmin, */hopefully papi jasmin like it too,,YEHAA..then buy it, pay it, and finally ____

"Hi..Monik...Welcome to Lomonesia"

*/hufff....but until now,it just become my dream,and my dream wouldn't be over...
yeahhh....get your dream,Mon....>>>

2 komentar:

  1. hahha...pengen ya mon lomo..???

    kan katanya lo dah punya lomo mon..???

    pake aja atuh mon..lo mah punya lomo teh meuni gak pernah di bawa ih..hehehe,,,


  2. elsa....

    lomo gw blum diganti chasingny..bosen pake chasing yg item...

    nti dehhh...klo chasingny udh diganti warna magenta...lo bakal jd objek pertama gw...

    hwhwhwhwhwhw....^ ^,b


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